We Prioritize Physical and Cyber Security Because Crime Knows No Boundaries

PSLA Helps Organizations of All Sizes Address Escalating Cyber Challenges with Full-Scale Solutions.

As true integrators, our goal is to solve problems, tighten security, and streamline processes for our customers. PSLA delivers solutions predicated on PSLA 4-CORE Technologies to fit any security and safety application: intrusion detection, high-definition television/surveillance, access control, and cyber security.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is essential to protect your devices, data, and workplace from crippling cyber-attack. PSLA has the solution.

The Overarch platform discovers, monitors, and updates IoT device firmware, passwords, and network SSL certificates for unlimited devices. The evolutionary platform protects organizations from the cyber risk attack surface IoT devices represent. Remediate, repatriate, and govern all from one platform.

PSLA Security has the most comprehensive array of secure cloud storage options available today. Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and incidents with

  • Secure Encrypted Data Back-Up
  • Managed Monitoring, Detection and Response
  • Detection, Containment, and Response

With PSLA Cyber Covenant, your enterprise can:

  • Radically Reduce the impact of Cyber track
  • Dramatically Increase Recovery Time
  • Reduce or Even Eliminate Debilitating Cyber Crime Cost
  • Stay Compliant with Government Standards
  • Rest Assured your Data is Safely Backed-UP

PSLA Security Operations Center

PSLA handles the highest levels of security requirements by uniquely combining physical and cybersecurity in our Security Operations Center (SOC). We help you stay ahead of threats by predicting, detecting, measuring, and responding to them.

About PSLA Security Systems

Founded by a former Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, PSLA has over 50 years of providing advanced security solutions to highly specialized industries, enterprises, and agencies.

PSLA Security. We Maximize Security So You Can Maximize Your Success.

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