Remotely manageable

cloud-based video surveillance systems

In order for a camera system to be reliable it needs to be working at the optimal level every minute of every day. PSLA provides the most advanced video surveillance systems that provide the most cost effective and long-term solutions for reliability. Each video system is carefully engineered to the needs of the customer. The video systems are designed to utilize the most from the existing camera and IT infrastructures. Our core strength is our ability to install highly complex solutions for a wide range of applications that fit within the budget.

There are many reasons to consider upgrading your existing video system at your facility that go beyond high quality recording. Cloud-based video recording is safer because it protects from theft or environmental damage. Mega-pixel cameras can capture more detail in a large crowd that a pan-tilt-zoom cannot. New NVR developments with software for video analytics can enhanced risk management and also can be used to improve operational efficiencies. There are many other practical reasons. Please call us for a free demo with no obligation.

Benefits of new video surveillance technology:

  • Fast search capability and freedom from tapes
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Multiple site, tier remote access
  • Live video capture, remotely
  • Review archived video remotely
  • High definition stream management "HDSM"
  • Encryption, watermarking
  • View multiple cameras from different locations on the same screen
  • Event management to improve emergency response and reduce false alarms
  • Video verification monitoring from a central station
  • Improve operational efficiencies and productivity

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