Advanced integrated security systems

that improve operations for Commercial facilities

Preventing burglary is still the primary reasons for a business to install a security system. However, there are new mobile apps, remote monitoring features, and new tracking technologies that can improve the business manager’s effectiveness to manage the business.

PSLA has the experience to design and install a security system that protects the critical points of a commercial facility. These systems ensure that there are no interruptions for the operations of the business. If you are looking to standardize on a platform or to integrate a large variety of equipment, PSLA has the ability to setup your company's systems, the way you want them. Our security solutions are in compliance with regulatory requirements and are engineered to utilize the most from the existing IT infrastructure. PSLA systems are designed to be scalable in order to provide the most cost effective solutions.

PSLA systems can be designed with a “one access card” solution that can be used across all company sites. PSLA engineers begin with a careful consultative approach. We ask the right questions to fully understand the needed requirements. Our intrusion systems are integrated with the access control and video surveillance systems to improve the overall security of the building. This integration can also be used to study the analytics of how the business operates daily to improve operational efficiencies.

New mobile apps for security systems enable business owners to check into multiple sites and stay connected. With these new systems, a business owner that has multiple stores can remotely check into the cameras at all store locations to see what’s going on. Business owners can check on employees, customers and even cash registers.

Best of breed system components:

  • Intrusion alarm
  • Access control systems
  • Multi–site systems
  • Manage on site and remotely
  • IP cameras, Mega-pixel, HD cameras, and analog cameras
  • GPS tracking systems
  • Computer servers
  • Storage systems
  • Open platform management software that is non-proprietary

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