Affordable asset tracking

systems that improve operations for manufacturing and distribution centers

PSLA is a proven leader with customized electronic tracking systems for manufacturing and distribution centers. These systems include integration of intrusion alarm, access control and video surveillance. These integrated systems are specifically designed to limit access to restricted areas, prevent theft, record violations, improve service, and save money with enhanced asset tracking.

These systems provide a number of ways for a company to improve operational efficiency and profitability. One way that a company can save money by reducing the fuel costs with GPS tracking devices. This can help the drivers with better routes when scheduling. GPS devices can also improve asset utilization by tracking devices nationwide or improve service with better time management.

Another way to improve operations is to be able to view critical processes and to get alerts when predetermined triggers are set off. This can improve efficiency by reducing the necessary time to respond to critical issues. These monitored systems function beyond security to better manage the safety of employees and ensure compliance with procedures.

Features and benefits:

  • Mobile apps
  • Access control
  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory control
  • Vehicle GPS monitoring
  • Load and unloading monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Theft prevention
  • Perimeter protection
  • Safety and quality control
  • Employee time and attendance
  • Water leak detection
  • Hazardous gas detection
  • Temperature and humidity change detectors

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